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About Me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my new blog. My name is Jen; let me tell you a bit about myself and why I started this little blog.

– I am 29 years old and married my high school sweetheart last year. We have been together for almost 12 years!
– I am the oldest of three girls. I also have two sweet nieces
– I am a marketing professional by day and Fitness Instructor by night (and early mornings!)
– I have a passion for healthy, simple meals that are gluten and dairy free. I will explain more about my journey that helped me realize my food intolerances in a future post
– I love running. I have run over 10 half marathons and just started really enjoying 10kms. Maybe one day I’ll run a full 
– I love yoga and couldn’t live without it. I have taken my level 1 and 2 certifications through YogaFit Canada but am not actively teaching. I love hot yoga. Nothing makes me feel better than a good yoga class. I completed my prenatal yoga certification at the beginning of this year and love helping expecting moms feel their best
– I really enjoy red wine
– It’s even better with chocolate
Actually, anything is better with chocolate
– I drink a lot of herbal tea, my favourite is peppermint
– I have been thinking of getting my certification in Holistic Nutrition but haven’t found the right time to do it. I should probably just do it now. There’s no time like the present 

That’s a little bit about me 

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